Fan Art Adds Indie Flair To Star Wars Characters

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

As readers of this site, and fans of sci-fi in general, you know as well as anyone that this genre is rife with mash-up fan art, plunging the depths of varietal combinations of characters from one side of the universe juxtaposed with those from another. Though there is usually a level of serious skill being demonstrated, much of it is done for comedic effect. Even independent comedic effect.

Inspired by the news of Michael Arndt’s signing on to write for the next installment in the Star Wars franchise, artist Josh Lange decided to insert the intergalactic clan into the world from another one of Arndt’s award-winning screenplays: the sweet, moody Little Miss Sunshine. Considering Arndt’s works also include Toy Story 3, as well as the upcoming Oblivion and Hunger Games sequel, it doesn’t seem like his well of character combos will run dry any time soon. You can click the image below for a larger version.


I think it’s a great choice for a project, and while the ways in which the replacements match up — such as similar vests between Han Solo and Alan Arkin, and R2D2’s minimal stature standing in for young Abigail Breslin — it’s even funnier to notice the complete antithesis going on with others. But in a light-hearted way, free from judgment.

For instance, Paul Dano’s mostly silent Dwayne being replaced by C3PO, who wouldn’t know when to shut up if you programmed a gag in his mouth. Greg Kinnear’s Richard wanted to be a motivational speaker, yet his Wookie stand-in has something of an English impediment. Perhaps the deepest example would be letting Luke take Steve Carell’s place. Though we watch Carell’s Frank embrace his family and succumb to a happier lifestyle after having attempted suicide, we spend three movies watching the happy-go-lucky Luke get virtually everything, from his family to his ideas of who his family is, ripped away from him. But it does beg the question: can you use the Force to slit a prosthetic wrist?

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