Could Yet Another Familiar Face Return To The Walking Dead?

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

We know that Michael Rooker will return as Merle Dixon in season three of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Now it sounds like another familiar face from the first season could make a comeback as well. Lennie James confirmed that producers of the show have contacted him about revisiting his role.

Lennie James as Morgan Jones in AMC’s The Walking Dead

He told Digital Spy, “It remains a possibility I could return. The character I played is away for a long time, so it’s kind of up to them whether I stay away or if I come back.”

James played Morgan Jones in the pilot for The Walking Dead. He and his son Duane (Adrian Kali Turner) have hunkered down in a house in Rick Grimes’ (Andrew Lincoln) pre-zombie-outbreak neighborhood. After Duane brains Rick with a shovel, the three form a quick, tight bond, though they go their separate ways at the end of the episode.

It would make sense to bring Morgan back. After a long absence, he and Duane do make a reappear in Robert Kirkman’s comics, but like everything in Kirkman’s post-apocalyptic world, this isn’t a happy reunion. It’s dark, brutal, and difficult for everyone involved, though it would make one hell of a story arc on the show.

James said, “There have been a few back and forth conversations and they check up on me every now and then.” Timing has been the biggest issue thus far. Once he was contacted while working on Line of Duty, and couldn’t find the time to reprise his role. However, the British actor says he would like to come back if he is free.