Fallout Video Game Series May Get TV Spinoff

By David Wharton | 8 years ago


From the moment the original 1997 game invited us to wander the wastes of a snarky, darkly hysterical apocalypse, the Fallout series has been a fan favorite for its mixture of eccentric characters, retrofuturism, and a general sense that the end of the world doesn’t have to be the end of the world. The series got a shot in the arm when Bethesda Game Studios released the excellent Fallout 3, which changed up the gameplay but stayed true to everything that made the earlier games work so well. There’s still no word when the inevitable Fallout 4 will be officially announced, but fans of the series may have something unexpected to look forward to: a Fallout TV series.

The folks at IGN noticed that Bethesda had recently filed a trademark application for “an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.” That certainly sounds like a Fallout series. And if Fallout 4 is going to release sometime in the next few years, most likely once the next Xbox and PlayStation models are out, it would make good business sense to have both the show and the new game help cross-promote each other.

Also worth noting is that Fallout 3 voice actor Erik Todd Dellums tweeted the following last week:

Dellums played the role of Galaxy News DJ Three Dog, who broadcasted songs and news to the residents of the ruins of Washington, D.C. He also played a role in helping out the Fallout 3 protagonist their search for their missing father. Dellums’ cryptic tweet could involve the TV show, or it could just mean he’s been brought in for Fallout 4. If it’s for the show, that could mean that the series will take place in the same location as the game, in the area that was formerly Washington D.C., and which is now called simply the “Capital wasteland.” Of course, they could relocate Three Dog’s base of operations to pretty much anywhere, so that’s hardly conclusive. Either way, Three Dog would be a welcome addition in either possibility.

Assuming they are making a show, it’s certainly rich with potential. While there have been many shows exploring post-apocalyptic worlds over the years — The Walking Dead and Revolution most recently — a Fallout would bring the genre a much-needed sense of humor, and the retro-future style of the game world would also ensure Fallout would look like nothing else on TV. All I know is, they better bring back Ron Perlman to introduce the show…