Falling Skies Teaser Reveals First Look At Season Four, Plus The Premiere’s Title

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

TNT’s Falling Skies is scheduled to return next summer for a fourth season, officially making the show one of the most frustratingly mediocre genre shows ever to reach that milestone. Each season the show has moments that hint it might be about to become something truly special, but that leap in quality never seems to come. Or at least it hasn’t so far. Who knows, maybe season four will be the year it finally hits its stride.

Production has begun on Falling Skies’ fourth season, and the folks at TV Guide have exclusively premiered the above teaser as the very first look at the show’s next season. Given that we’re still a good nine months away from the next season premiere, there isn’t much to grab hold of in the footage, primarily just shots of them filming outdoors and the crew talking about how year four will be the best season yet. (We can but hope.)

The only real tidbit is that the premiere episode they’re filming is titled “Ghost in the Machine.” Actor Drew Roy (“Hal Mason”) says the title “reveals a little bit, without revealing anything.” It’s also said to pick up right where season three left off. That means more of the battle against the Espheni, and more suspicion about whether the Volm’s intentions toward humanity really are as benevolent as they seem. Maybe I’m just the paranoid sort, but that whole alliance seems too good to be true. Either way, I think the expansion of Falling Skies’ story beyond just human guerilla actions against the Espheni is a good thing.

Also worth noting is that TNT has granted Falling Skies a fourth-anniversary present: extra episodes! Yes, next summer FS will have a 12-episode season, up from their traditional 10. More good news: Battlestar Galactica vet David Eick has taken over as showrunner for the fourth season. Let’s hope the cast and crew makes the most of those extra episodes and a new leader at the wheel.

Falling Skies is set in the aftermath of an invasion by the alien Espheni overlords and their “Skitter” servants. As the show begins, mankind isn’t doing too well, but the resistance against the alien occupation has slowly gained ground through both a war of attrition and with the help of new allies, including rebel skitters and the Vorm, who have been fighting the Espheni elsewhere long before they came to Earth.

If you’re intrigued or need to catch up, you can watch all three seasons of Falling Skies for free if you’re an Amazon Prime member, otherwise you can purchase episodes via Amazon, iTunes, and other digital retailers. Season three is not yet available on Blu-Ray/DVD.