Falling Skies Cast Teases Season 3 And Mega-Mechs

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Falling SkiesTNT’s Falling Skies has been a maddeningly uneven affair, occasionally showing a flash of brilliance but mostly content to coast along the path of least resistance. That said, the series did leave off on a promising note with last year’s season finale, which introduced a new alien species into the war between humanity and the invaders, suggesting that there may be a much bigger conflict going on beyond our homeworld. The cast of the series put in an appearance at WonderCon last week, and provided a few hints of what is to come, including “mega-mechs.” Alright, you have my attention…

The new alien introduced in the final scene of last season will unsurprisingly play a big part of season three, and we reported previously that he/it is being played by the lanky Doug Jones (Abe Sapien in Hellboy, the Pale Man in Pan’s Labyrinth). The new alien visitor will present himself as an ally for the humans, but there’s no telling if his true motivations are as altruistic as they appear to be. Either way, the Second Mass. has an ally who knows the Skitters better than they do, and that allows them to up their game in trying to rescue as many harnessed kids as possible. In response, the Skitters bring in their big guns: the aforementioned “mega-mechs.” As writer/exec producer Remi Aubuchon puts it, “They’ve become so desperate they’ve brought out the Mega-Mechs which are not to be messed with.”

Speaking of harnessed kids, there’s the issue of Hal (Drew Roy) being infected with some sort of nasty Skitter tech that will presumably turn him into a mole within the Second Mass. While his dad Tom (Noah Wyle) has his plate full, Maggie (Sarah Carter) will begin to suspect something is wrong with Hal. Carter says:

Maggie has a strong intuition and knows something is causing these crazy mood swings. She knows something’s off. The stakes are so high though that if she confronts Hal – it’s a dangerous accusation to his life. She doesn’t want him ostracized by the community. She wants to wait until she’s unbearably positive.

Finally, the show will be bringing in another new character who has been “spiked” like Ben (Connor Jessup). Aubuchon says:

I think we’ve always talked about and in the background featured other spiked kids, but we wanted to bring up to the foreground what it feels like for those kids who have suddenly gotten super strength and are hearing alien voices.

Falling Skies returns to TNT this summer.