Falling Skies Adds Hellboy’s Doug Jones As A New Alien Character

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Most of the genre TV talk these days surrounds The Walking Dead or the looooooooooooong hiatus before NBC’s Revolution finally comes back in March. But we’re also only a few months away from the return of TNT’s Falling Skies, a show that is often fun, but just as often frustrating for not living up to its potential. If nothing else, Falling Skies watchers have at least one thing to look forward to this summer: Hellboy’s Doug Jones is joining the show in the role of an important alien character.

Doug Jones shares his excitement over the role.
Doug Jones shares his excitement over the role.


Falling Skies fans will recall that last season’s finale ended with the arrival of a mysterious alien character, but it was unclear what his intentions were. Was he about to start exterminating humans right and left? Or was he going to extend one hand and say, “Come with me if you want to live.” From the sound of things, Jones’ character will be an ally for the 2nd Mass.

Speaking to Collider, Falling Skies star Drew Roy (Hal Mason) reveals that the alien goes by the name of “Cochise” (I’m guessing at the spelling). That’s not his real name, but it sounds like it’s the handle given to him by the humans, who can’t remember his convoluted alien name. Roy also described the process of working with Jones:

Doug’s amazing, he’s in this full-body suit. It actually started out with the face cut out of it, so I was looking at Doug’s face, with this alien garb on, and it was a little silly. So they finally decided, they just put the face over it, did the enhancement later, and it looks spectacular. The eyes on Doug’s character…it’s unbelievable.

Jones is definitely no stranger to makeup. The six-foot-three, preturnaturally skinny actor’s frame has been used to good effect playing a number of creatures over the years, including the creepy “Ice Cream Man” in Legion (above), the Pale Man in Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, and the fish-man Abe Sapien in del Toro’s Hellboy films.

I keep hoping that Falling Skies is really going to find its groove and become more than just so-so. The addition of Jones to the cast as an alien ally should add plenty of new story potential to the show. Here’s hoping they take good advantage of it.

Falling Skies returns to TNT this summer, and you can watch the full interview with Drew Roy below.

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