EX-TER-MIN-ATE In Fashion With A Homemade Dalek Dress

By David Wharton | Published

We didn’t plan this, but we seem to have settled into a do-it-yourself day here at GFR. So far this morning we’ve shown you Star Wars-themed pet habitats and homemade phasers, and now we’ve got the perfect thing to bring a little elegance to your next convention visit. Imgur user somevelvetmorning has posted a visual guide to her creation of a Dalek dress that puts a new spin on the traditional little black dress. Here’s what the finished product looks like.

It doesn’t include step-by-step instructions or anything, but if you’ve got a knack with a needle and thread, you can probably figure it out just based on the pictures. You’ll definitely be the belle of any geek-heavy ball you care to attend (and bonus points if your date is a Doctor). Just don’t let any strangers manhandle your bumps…