Extant Season 2 Just Cast This Awesome Actor

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

magic city

It’s no surprise that TV series make some changes between one season and the next, but CBS’ sci-fi drama Extant is headed in a completely different direction from Season 1. It’s also been established that there are a ton of casting switcheroos happening, and now we know who one of the new characters is going to be, and he’ll be played by the always badass Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Extant Season 1 spoilers below.

Morgan will serve as the male lead for Season 2, in which he’ll play a character named JD Richter, a testosterone-laden lothario whose day job involves bounty hunting with little regard for anything but getting shit-housed and getting his man or woman. He lives like tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, and his outlook on life is thrown for a loop when he meets Molly Woods (Halle Berry).

For Season 2, Molly is no longer just a simple housewife astronaut who came back from space with a formerly barren womb impregnated with an alien baby. Now she’s on the run! Season 1 ended with her alien offspring getting loose in the world, and she’ll spend at least part of this season out and about trying to track him down before he destroys the human race. That’s about as high as stakes can get, especially on CBS.

Molly’s husband John will only be around for a couple of episodes, as actor Goran Visnjic is only signed on for the beginning of the season. The same goes for Camryn Manheim, who played Molly’s friend and co-worker Sam. In fact, the only two other actors that are returning for the whole season are Pierce Gagnon, who plays Molly’s android son Ethan, and Grace Gummer, who plays one of Ethan’s creators, Julie. Actors Hiroyuki Sanada and Michael O’Neill won’t be returning to the show at all, which cuts off like 50% of the show’s conspiratorial drive. Luckily, Morgan should be a solid replacement for anyone who had to drop out.

No stranger to TV, Morgan is known for roles on The CW’s Supernatural, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and, most recently, Starz’s crime drama Magic City. (He’ll also be seen in the miniseries Marilyn and Texas Rising later this year.) On the film side of things, he’ll soon be seen in Afonso Poyart’s psychic thriller Solace with Colin Farrell and Scott Mann’s hijacking thriller Bus 657. But of course, he’ll always be the Comedian to me.


Extant will return to CBS for Season 2 at some point this summer. Unless the world is destroyed first, that is.