Experience Your Dreams With ReKall In A New Viral Campaign

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

One of the key things about the movie Total Recall is having your dreams implanted inside of your brain and experiencing a fantasy as an actual memory. It projects and blurs the idea of fantasy and reality. The Paul Verhoeven 1990 version of Total Recall took this premise to its most action-packed, cartoony conclusion. The new remake by Len Wiseman grounds the Philip K. Dick story in a future that feels more realistic. By adding the realism to Total Recall, Sony has introduced a new, provocative viral campaign.

Go to WelcomeToReKall.com and a beautiful woman telling you about the benefits of Rekall will greet you. You have some options after the introduction, you can either take a tour of the technology behind Rekall or you can go directly to the options of your fantasy. It’s surprising how in-depth this campaign goes to show how the Rekall “chair” works and what procedures the doctors will go through to successfully implant your new Rekall memory. The options for your Rekall “adventure” are somewhat sanitary but once you pick your fantasy option, you’ll have the choice to share it on your friend on your Facebook page. It’s pretty creepy and surprisingly thoughtful to get people excited for the movie.

The press release on the site also states, “there will be Welcome to Rekall experiences in New York, Los Angeles and at Comic-Con. At these special kiosks, users will be able to choose their Rekall experience and receive a photo badge of themselves experiencing the Rekall-provided memory.” If you live near these cities then you can experience your dreams with ReKall.

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