These Exclusive Comic-Con Collectibles Demand Your Money

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

fett and soloToy fans and collectible collectors know that the annual San Diego Comic-Con will unleash a horde of exclusive items, and this year is no exception. Although I guess it depends on what your definition of a “horde” is. We’re not showing you everything, obviously. Just enough to get your dollar bills itching to book a plane ticket to San Diego.

The above photo showcases Boba Fett and Carbonite Han Solo, two of the figurines from Hasbro’s new line of high-end figures called Star Wars: The Black Series. I can’t be certain if Solo is actually encased in actual carbonite or not (he isn’t), but the pair of six-inch non-toys will set you back $44.99. Don’t worry though. We all know Boba is priceless.

crusher bridge

Look up at your mantle or favorite book shelf. You know what’s missing from it? A Star Trek: The Next Generation Bobble Head Build-A-Bridge set, duh. SDCC will feature the first figure, Wil Wheaton’s Wesley Crusher, with more to follow later this year and next. At $20, this will end up being a pricey set, but not too awful for one or two.

plush tennant

If you thought David Tennant looked like the most dapper Doctor ever when he donned a tuxedo for the 2007 “Voyage of the Damned” Christmas special, then you’ll probably end up staring at this vinyl figure more than you do our website. So be wise before you drop the $10.


After the recently unearthed Super 7 action figures from Ridley Scott’s Alien were such a hit at Wondercon, Super 7 decided to show off the unpainted, test-shot blue plastic figures that never went to the assembly line. Check the retro packaging as well. Worth $40? In space, no one can hear the bill collectors calling.

yoda ears

I don’t think this needs any description, but I should hope that none of you purchase it. It’s the summer. Hot your dog’s head would be.

walking dead

The Walking Dead gets its own series of Comic Book Minimates figures, with Rick and Hershel mean-mugging a pair of ghoulish walkers. Nice detail on the one walker’s missing hand.

comic book guy

Finally, it’s artist Dave Perillo’s gorgeous silkscreen print, “The Android’s Dungeon,” which of course features Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons. Fool your friends into thinking they can get all your water-logged Tree Man comics for 10% off.

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