Ewok/Wookiee Dress Will Make You The Envy Of Endor

By David Wharton | Published

People have been cosplaying Star Wars characters since…well, pretty much since the first movie came out back in 1977. Hit any convention around the world and you’re practically assured to see a legion of Stormtroopers, a Darth Maul or two, and maybe even the odd Lando Calrissian now and then. If you’re a lady looking to strut your Star Wars stuff in a guaranteed conversation-starter…and you’ve got $150 to spare…just picture yourself going out on the town in a custom-made Ewok dress. Even better: you can reverse it to transform it into a Wookiee dress if Ewoks aren’t your bag.

The dual-action dress was created by Etsy user Crissy Baker, and you can order one of your very own right here. You’ll look darned adorable if hitting up a con next to a cosplay Han Solo, or while stealing a speeder from under the nose of an inattentive Stormtrooper.

Here’s Crissy’s description of the dress:

made special to order, this dress will give you the perfect outfit for any comic con, costume party, star wars day or winter outing!
with this purchase, you will receive one fuzzy vintage cut dress and one pair of matching shoe covers. you will also receive the accessories to transform your outfit into chewbacca (faux leather, hand painted bandolier) AND an ewok (ultra suede hoodie with fuzzy ears)
a fantastic outfit for any fangirl!
please allow up to three (3) weeks for custom orders to be made and shipped.
we will contact you about sizing and measurements after your purchase is made!