Red Dwarf X Episode Titles Revealed

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

We’ve been waiting a long time for this, but Red Dwarf is almost back. The last time we got to hang out with Lister (Craig Charles), Rimmer (Chris Barrie), the Cat (Danny John-Jules), and Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) was 2009’s underwhelming mini-arc, Back to Earth. But the last time we got to see boys from the Dwarf doing what they do best—bumming around deep space, getting into trouble—was 1999. That, however, is about to change.

The crew of Red Dwarf returns to the BBC this fall.

This fall, Red Dwarf X, the proper tenth season of the British sci-fi sitcom, returns with six new episodes. Behind-the-scenes photos and pictures from the series show that the gang is back where they belong, alone in a space ship, stranded millions of years from Earth. While this doesn’t give much in the way of information, Bleeding Cool has the titles for all six new episodes.

1. Trojan

2. Fathers and Suns

3. Lemons

4. Entanglement

5. Dear Dave

6. The Beginning

Red Dwarf follows the adventures of the misfit crew of the mining ship Red Dwarf. After one of the ship’s reactors wipes out the entire crew, the computer shoots the craft into deep space. Three million years later all that remains are Dave Lister, the last living human, who was in stasis during the meltdown and may be the most slovenly man ever to exist; Arnold Rimmer, the holographic representation of Lister’s prat of a bunk mate, resurrected to keep Lister sane; Cat, a fashion-obsessed descendent of Lister’s pet cat, who is the last surviving member of a race that evolved in the belly of the ship; and Kryten, a domestic service droid they picked up along the way.

The article points out that the final episode of season 10 is called “The Beginning,” and reminds fans that the first episode of Red Dwarf bears the title “The End.” They posit that this could be a way for the show to come full circle and close the loop. That’s a definite possibility given the circumstances. Red Dwarf is fond of playing with circular timelines, such as in the episode “Ouroboros,” which shows time as one unending circle.

Red Dwarf X hits BBC airwaves this fall, but there’s no word on when it might jump the pond and land on American shores.

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