Ender’s Game Teaser Gives First Glimpse Of Battle School

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

I kind of hate that our collective cultural attention span has diminished to the level that we now have not only teasers for movies, but teasers for teasers of movies. But if I have to live in a world where Hollywood’s marketing strategists are taking tips from Vine, but since it means I got to see the Ender’s Game footage up above today, I’m actually okay with it.

At less than a minute long, there’s not much to see, but what there is, looks friggin’ awesome. Fully half of that runtime is taken up by a sleepy introduction from Ender’s Game stars Asa Butterfield and Harrison Ford, but they were smart in how they choose to allot that remaining time. We get a few talking heads of Ford as Col. Graff and Sir Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham. But then. Then! Battle room, baby!

We only get maybe three seconds’ worth of footage of the Battle Room, but it’s enough to give a sense of the visual style, and suggest that, if done right, the movie’s sequences in there are going to be something to see. Fingers crossed.

The full Ender’s Game trailer will premiere online on May 7th, and the movie will hit theaters on Novevmber 1st. In the meantime, check out a high-res screen grab of the Battle Room below (click to see a larger version).


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