Ender’s Game Producers Answer Fan Questions

By Jenny Xu | 9 years ago

The bloggers behind the Ender’s Game Blog recently fielded questions from fans, giving their takes on things like favorite scenes, and visual influences and whatnot, but for the rabidly curious fans who want to know above all if the movie has even the slightest chance of living up to the book, despite the fact that Orson Scott Card has apparently given up all hope for a faithful adaptation.

There are a few things that we can infer from their carefully worded responses:

  • The producers seem to have also accepted that the book and the movie are two very different animals. One of them proclaims the Giant’s Drink scenes as his favorites in the book, but as it is not his favorite scene in the film, it probably won’t be featured as prominently.
  • Graff’s relationship with Ender will be explored thoroughly. Card himself remarked with approval while watching a scene between Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield, who apparently share a close bond offscreen as well as on.
  • The relationship between Ender and Graff will be key to the film.

  • This movie won’t be toned down for the kids, though it seems as though they try to make training seem a lot more fun that it was in the books. Yes, training included video games and role play, but the producers seem to be forgetting that Scott portrays the kids as mini-adults; they don’t think the games are just for fun, they were chosen for their above average mental maturity, which includes the ability to take things extremely seriously.
  • Lastly, don’t expect any Transformers-esque grandiose explosions in this movie. Director Gavin Hood is apparently a “gigantic Stanley Kubrick fan.”

So at this point, Ender’s Game the movie could really go either way. Don’t let your expectations get the better of you.