Ender’s Game Movie Adds Andrew’s Bully

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The Ender’s Game movie has just cast a small, but pivotal role. 17-year-old Brendan Meyer has been hired to play Stilson in the film, according to THR.

Stilson is a bully who torments Ender in the early days before he’s shipped off to Battle School. If you’ve read the book you know he only gets a few pages in the story, and will subsequently likely get only a few minutes on screen in the film, but they’re incredibly pivotal minutes which shape the person Ender Wiggin becomes in the future.

Meyer’s probably best known for playing the lead in the Disney TV series Mr. Young. His last feature film was a small part in 2010’s Tooth Fairy, a movie probably best forgotten.

All that really matters is that the guy actually looks like kind of a bully. I mean this is just his headshot, and even there he looks well and ready to steal someone’s lunch money…

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