Ender’s Game Adds The Star Of The Help

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

The cast for the upcoming film adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s classic series Ender’s Game is really filling out. They’ve got a gruff sci-fi icon (Harrison Ford) for Battle School’s Colonel Hyum Graff. The kids of the story are being anchored by three extremely talented young actors and actresses in the roles of Ender (Asa Butterfield), Valentine (Abigail Breslin), and Petra (Hailee Steinfeld). They’ve even snagged an Academy Award-winning knight Sir Ben Kingsley) for Mazer Rackham. There’s yet another bit of casting news that’s just come out: Viola Davis is joining the film.

Variety reports that Davis has been cast as a “military psychologist who oversees the emotional welfare of young trainees” at the Battle School, where talented young people in Ender’s Game‘s world are recruited to train for battle against a looming invasion by an insect-like alien species. The character is also responsible for designing the games the trainees are put through to test their mettle and fitness for command. Both of these responsibilities would put Davis’s character in close contact not only with the talented young actors starring in the film, but also Ford and Kingsley. I, for one, look forward to the verbal sparring matches that will undoubtedly ensue.

Davis has had a pretty big year, garnering critical and popular acclaim, an Oscar nomination, & the Sag Award for Outstading Female Actor for her performance in The Help. It’s probably a good sign that the creative team on the film is aiming high in their casting decisions.

If they care enough to go after (and shell out for) such talent, maybe they’ll actually do Ender’s Game justice.

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