Emma Stone’s Blade Runner Inspired Photo Shoot

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Emma Stone is a total nerd. She’s in a Spider-Man movie (not a particularly good Spider-Man movie, but that’s beside the point), has battled zombies on a cross-country road trip, and now she’s the focus of a badass Blade Runner-themed photo shoot.

In reality this photo shoot is more “inspired by” Blade Runner, rather than explicitly staged recreations of scenes or something of that nature, but that, too, is beside the point. Decked out in black leather, neon streaks in her hair, surrounded by similarly dressed men in dark sunglasses, she could have been in the background in any number of scenes from Ridley Scott’s sci-fi classic. This is a total future-noir aesthetic, and you could easily picture this as a fuzzed-out new wave music video from the early 1980s.

These photos by Mikael Jansson come from the new issue of Interview magazine. The body of the article talks a great deal about Stone’s love of comedy, especially the style of sketch comedy that was popularized in the late 1970s by shows like Saturday Night Live.

Her influences and ambition to be that type of actor seems strangely out of place in an adorable, otherwise perky-seeming 23-year-old girl. That’s not necessarily where a younger generation looks to for inspiration. Then again, later in the Interview piece, during an interview with Almost Famous director Cameron Crowe, she says she has “a little old man shouting things” inside of her. Maybe that’s what people talk about when they say someone has an old soul.

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