Elysium Promotional Blitz: Extended Trailer, Posters, And New Clips

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

“I will find you and I will hunt you down!” Next week, moviegoers will be treated to the latest film from director Neill Blomkamp. Elysium is positioned to be one of the biggest movies of August, as the summer movie season slowly transitions to the fall. Sony has just released a handful of promotional materials, including various clips from the film, new posters, featurettes, and a new extended trailer.

First up, the extended trailer above. While there really isn’t new footage in the extended trailer, it does reveal a small sub-plot with Alice Braga’s character of Frey, who seems to be a nurse on the overpopulated Earth. It appears Frey and Matt Damon’s character of Max DeCosta once had a romantic relationship, back when he was a criminal. When she learns that Max is attempting to infiltrate the orbiting space station Elysium, she convinces Max to take her and her sick daughter with him. It’s going to be very interesting to see how this unfolds when the film is released next week.

Sony also released a brief clip that introduces the bounty hunter Kruger, played by District 9‘s Sharlto Copley. Kruger is one of Secretary of Defense Delacourt’s agents on Earth, who is tasked with keeping unauthorized spaceships from leaving the planet to go to Elysium. Kruger uses deadly force to accomplish this goal, so it should be amazing to see Max and Kruger go head-to-head. The extended trailer above teases the showdown between the two characters, and it looks like Kruger has some sort of force field to counter Max’s new rifle.

In the next clip, we get to see why Max is on parole and why the people around called him “the best.” While meeting with the public service droid, Max’s incident at the bus stop goes against his parole, which has now been extended for an additional eight months. Max was a criminal who was charged with grand theft auto and resisting arrest. It’s almost poor timing that Max wants to get his life together, before the fatal accident that resulted in Max’s impending death.


Sony also released a new poster just featuring Max’s face with the caption “He Can Save Us All,” which points to Max’s breach of Elysium. While it’s not clear how Max can bring equality to humanity by going to Elysium, it’s one of the points that Neill Blomkamp is playing up as social allegory. Mondo also printed two limited edition posters for Elysium. While the artwork looks the same on both posters, one is more cool, in terms of color, while the other is more warm. Mondo only printed 380 of the posters, which are going for $50 each. Buy them now, before they sellout!!



Elysium follows Max De Costa (Matt Damon), a reformed criminal who works as a factory worker on Earth. When Max develops cancer, he has only five days to live, so he decides to take a suicide mission to the orbiting space station Elysium in hopes of finding a cure. But when Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster) learns of Max’s mission, she sends Kruger to track and kill Max before he succeeds.

The latest from Neill Blomkamp also features actors Wagner Moura, Alice Braga, Diego Luna, William Fichtner, and Faran Tahir as Minister Patel. Blomkamp wrote and directed the film, while Simon Kinberg (Star Wars: Episode VII) produced.

Elysium will hit theaters everywhere on August 9, in IMAX.