Ejecta Trailer Abducts Your Attention With Atmospheric Creepiness

By Nick Venable | 6 years ago

Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s an indie alien abduction movie coming out seemingly as often as the moon does. While I was writing that sentence, two more picked up distribution. The one we’re talking about now is Ejecta, the latest film from Septic Man director Tony Burgess. It probably won’t be a genre gamechanger or anything, but I’m down with anything Julian Richings gets involved with. Well, except for real aliens.

Ejecta tells the story of Richings’ William Cassidy, a man whose entire adult life has been spent dealing with aliens coming around and messing with him. As you can imagine, this has left William feeling about as paranoid as anyone on the planet. (Or even off the planet.) William contacts a researcher named Joe Sullivan (Adam Seybold), who also blogs about conspiracy theories (because damn, that guy is cool), and the two hang out for a solar event of some kind that William thinks will be devastating for Earth.

I’m not even sure if I got any of that from the trailer. To me, it just looks like William is a miserable old sod who goes through some electroshock therapy and gets Lisa Houle’s Dr. Tobin into some kind of trouble. There seem to be aliens lurking all around this place, wherever they are.

The film will apparently jump between the incidents of the solar event and a later time when William is being questioned by someone about the events of the night. Maybe that’s where Dr. Tobin comes in. Or maybe it’ll be Orphan Black star Ari Millen as Agent Rudder. Even though this doesn’t seem to be a found-footage movie, there are quite a few cameras being used here within the narrative of the film, giving it a VHS aesthetic that works for me.

“Somebody fix my vertical hold!”

As far as the aliens go, we get to see some long, lanky bodies in the shittier video footage, and then we get this shot, which looks like a Ninja Turtle that got really mad about being rejected from last year’s remake.


Ejecta, which made its world premiere at Fantasia Fest last year, will hit theaters and VOD on February 27. Hope there’s no solar eclipse that day. Or do I?