Edge Of Tomorrow Returns With Four New Clips

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Early reviews of Edge of Tomorrow have been largely positive, calling the film a fun, sci-fi actioner that is a nice change of pace from a superhero and sequel heavy summer movie season. That’s good to know, because we weren’t sure what to make of this movie. It looked like it could be either good or terrible, but now we’re getting legitimately pumped for this. Despite our excitement, the film is reportedly tracking to be a flop, which is why the promotional push is kicking into high gear. Which is also why we have these four new clips.

Based on the novel All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, Edge of Tomorrow follows Bill Cage (Tom Cruise), a career officer in the military who is forced into combat when a hostile alien race invades Earth. Because he’s never seen anything even resembling battle in his life, he’s killed minutes into his first action only to wake up at the beginning of this day. Caught in a time loop, he lives the same time period over and over again, waking up, fighting, and dying. With each incarnation he gets a little better, makes it a bit farther, and generally gets smarter. Eventually he encounters Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), who knows exactly what he’s going through and agrees to train him, because Tom Cruise is, of course, the last hope for the human race.

Their training is apparently rather intense, as you can see in this clip when Cage winds up with a broken spine. You also learn that Rita knows what he’s going through because she also experienced it, though she lost this ability. This leads her to her one rule, which is if you get injured, you better die, because when she got a blood transfusion, she lost the ability to repeat time. This may sound like a harsh rule, but you have to remember, this is a woman whose weapon of choice is a sharpened helicopter blade.

This clip gives you a good idea of exactly how incompetent and out of his depths Cage is when it comes to actual military action. He’s not very good at this at all. It also drives home the fact that Bill Paxton plays the best smarmy asshole in the business, especially with that sweet lip caterpillar he’s sporting here.

Here you see how Cage has put his previous experiences to good use. He’s become quite the little badass over time. There’s also a few nice glimpses of the aliens, known as Mimics, and reminds you that this is in fact an action movie.

This really might be the worst pick up line ever. Come on, Tom Cruise, you’re better than suggesting Rita might be able to get her abilities back if she has sex with you. That’s like using the “my penis grants wishes” line. But this is also the greatest rejection ever. Smacking him down with a spinning blade is so much more epic than a simple “not interested.”

Edge of Tomorrow opens everywhere June 6.