Edge Of Tomorrow: Quit Complaining And See It This Weekend

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Edge of TomorrowOne of the biggest science fiction movies of the year, Edge of Tomorrow comes out this weekend, and you need to go see it, and I don’t want to hear a single excuse escaping your lips. Despite a laundry list of positive qualities, many sci-fi fans (and moviegoers in general) have been cool to this film, choosing to deride it for particulars rather than looking at the big picture. Yes, there are some of us out there dying to see this movie, but there aren’t enough of us, as many major publications predict a soft opening weekend. Here’s how we can make it harder, people. Cue the porn guitar.

edge of tomorrowSTFU About Tom Cruise For Once

Look, if you don’t like Tom Cruise, there’s obviously nothing that I can do to make you understand that the man still exudes more charisma and talent at 52 than most actors will ever dream of having. So in light of that, I ask you to just take that broken record off of the player for one weekend and put some sci-fi faith in him. You don’t want to watch Mission Impossible 5 or a Jack Reacher sequel? That’s fine by me, because neither the success nor failure of those movies will make Hollywood make more big budget genre pics with actors other than Cruise. But if Edge of Tomorrow flops, or only makes a modest profit, there’s no guarantee that Warner Bros. will trust audiences with more fantastical projects. Personally, I thought Oblivion was crap, but it doesn’t stop me from understanding that this is a completely different story, and one that is more fully formed. So bite your tongue, Cruise haters, and sacrifice two hours of your life for the greater good.

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