Edge Of Tomorrow Concept Art Shows Off Alternate Designs For The Alien Mimics

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

MimicFeatrWe’re big fans of Edge of Tomorrow here at GFR, and we’re still bummed that the flick was a flop, bringing in only $84 million domestically, up against a $178 million production budget. Thankfully the foreign box office brings the worldwide tally up to $318 million, but we’re still not holding our breath for a sequel. At this point, I’ll just be happy if it finds the audience it deserves when it hits home video. Edge of Tomorrow is also one of those flicks where I’m eager to dig into the making of the film with the inevitable bonus features, so I’m seriously digging this batch of gorgeous concept art from Tom Cruise’s time-looping action flick.

The concept art comes from production designer Oliver Scholl, who posted tons of stuff over on his blog. The work is by artists Kevin Jenkins, Steve Burg, Tani Kunitake, and Ed Natividad, among others, and it includes tons of alternate designs for the invading alien Mimics. The final Mimic design in the movie is of multi-tentacled creatures that move impossibly fast, making mincemeat of human soldiers in spite of their snazzy exo-suits. It’s fascinating to see the sheer variety of ideas that the Edge of Tomorrow artists experimented with before landing on the final design. They range from big hulking brutes to humanoids that look like they’re made of geodes to elegant creatures that evoke bioluminescent aquatic creatures.

On his blog, Scholl says:

Everybody has their own opinion what a true alien should look like. Starting point was the novel, then things got ‘opened up’ and we went crazy. One could argue that our final Mimic at least has arms radiating like a seastar, if longer and nastier. Did you know aliens have to have a face? I think we ended up with something unique and memorable after all.