Edgar Ramirez To Replace Benicio del Toro In Next Star Trek, Probably Playing Khan

By Josh Tyler | 11 years ago

The next Star Trek movie has found an actor to play the film’s villain. Originally it was to be Benicio del Toro, but he abandoned the project last week. In his place they’re considering Edgar Ramirez.

So who is he? Ramirez is a 34-year-old Venezuelan born actor, who’s probably best known for a smaller role in The Bourne Ultimatum back in 2007. He’s had a few noteworthy roles in Hollywood films like that, but nothing as big as playing Khan Noonian Singh in Star Trek: The Next.

Granted, Trek director JJ Abrams still denies that they’re recycling the Khan character to use in the new movie, but after multiple confirmations of the rumor that the plot of the film will revolve around Trek’s greatest villain, at this point almost no one believes him. Odds are Ramirez is redoing the character Ricardo Montalban, even though almost everyone thinks this is the laziest idea in the history of lazy ideas.

For now Ramirez isn’t a lock. They’ll make a final decision this week. We’ll let you know when they do.