E.T. Eat Brains

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

If you look hard enough, you can find anything and everything you want on the internet. Odds are, you’ll happen across things that you didn’t even know you wanted, but things you’re really, really glad you found. Like this. Who knew that I wanted a painting of ET fleeing from a frothing swarm of zombies? Hell, I’ll probably never own this, there is really no need, no practical reason to, but god damn I sure am glad something like this exists somewhere in the world.

In this particular rendering, everyone’s favorite cuddly little visitor from outer space and his boy companion, Elliot, had a close encounter of their own. ET bears the wounds from this meeting in the form a of a bite on his arm. Guess they’ll find out if aliens can become zombies. Wouldn’t that be adorable? A little zombified ET, shambling around, moaning “ET eat brains,” the tips of his fingers glowing in the darkness.

Before that happens ET better get his focus together and fly the two of them off to safety. Or at least momentary security. That would have been a whole different movie right there. I would watch it, but I somehow doubt that such a film would have struck such a chord with audiences and become one of the most beloved motion pictures of all time. General audiences don’t usually cling to the undead with so much gusto.

You can thank artist Andy J. Hunter for this particular reimagining of an American classic. He obviously has a wonderfully sick and twisted mind.

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