Earth To Echo Gets A New Poster And A Film Festival Premiere

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

earth to EchoIt was only a matter of time before we got a kid-centric found footage film. While the technique favored by low-budget horror movies is being employed less and less—and when it is used these days it is generally with a purpose, like in Ti West’s The Sacrament—the upcoming sci-fi adventure Earth to Echo is all up in its business. When most of us were kids, we didn’t film ourselves doing tons of stupid shit because didn’t want to get caught and get in trouble, but if everything we see on the Internet and TV is to be believed, the youth of today haven’t developed such an aversion. We haven’t heard much from the film since the last trailer a few months ago, but now it’s back with a new poster and a world premiere date.

This one-sheet features and adorable little alien thing named Echo that looks like Bubo, the mechanical owl from the original Clash of the Titans, not that crappy remake, or the sequel to the crappy remake. The action looks like a cross of Chronicle and J.J. Abrams Super 8, and I can’t help but get little bit of an Explorers vibe from this as well.

When three friends (Teo Halm, Astro, and Reese Hartwig) all start receiving strange messages and maps on their cell phones—we also didn’t need cell phones when we were kids, god I sound like a cranky old man—they team up to investigate the mystery. Their search leads them to an isolated spot in the desert where they come across a strange being from space, Echo. Their new friend, who is young a just wants to get home, becomes the subject of a widespread manhunt by the government, and the kids have to keep Echo safe and find a way to get him home. This is where it turns into E.T., and if that movie taught us nothing it’s that this problem can be solved by a simple phone call home.

Check out the most recent Earth to Echo trailer for yourself:

While Earth to Echo opens wide on July 2, over the long Independence Day weekend, the film’s world premiere will come a few weeks earlier than that. Relativity Media will screen the film on June 14 as part of the Los Angeles Film Festival in the hopes of using the platform as a launching pad. The fest will feature the film as the centerpiece of a day of family-oriented films.