Dust Of War Trailer Adds Aliens To The Post-Apocalyptic Landscape

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

What is the one thing that most post-apocalyptic movies are missing? Aliens, that’s what. Writer/director Andrew Kitlinger’s indie action flick Dust of War aims to rectify this situation. Check out the new trailer for what looks to be a sparse, grim take on the genre.

In this latest trailer for Dust of War, we finally get a glimpse of the otherworldly invaders. Does anyone else think they look a little like Boba Fett, or is that just me? And at the tail end there’s a peek at a sweet, hovering alien spacecraft. We knew the aliens played a part, but so far what we’ve seen from the film has focused more on the scorched-earth, post-apocalyptic nature of the story. But from the look of this, the extraterrestrials are going to play a bigger part than some of us expected. The production makes good use of the plains and badlands of South Dakota as a stand-in for the futuristic frontier.

After an alien invasion, a lone soldier must protect a mysterious woman from warlord’s roving gangs of dastardly fellas. Though little is known of her, she holds the key to the ultimate survival of the human race. The end result looks like a mixture of Mad Max and alien invasion films like War of the Worlds.

This trailer is a bit overlong—the video could easily be trimmed by 30 seconds or so—and they drive the “save the girl, save the world” bit into the ground (then again, so did Heroes). Still, there’s some grim potential here in Dust of War. It has a solid cast of low-budget genre players that includes Tony Todd (Candyman), Gary Graham (Robot Jox, Alien Nation), Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth), and that awesome grindcore-looking guy with the shaved head and bushy beard (Bates Wilder).

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