Dune Home Movies And Pictures Take You Behind The Scenes Of David Lynch’s Film

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

David Lynch’s Dune movie is still a divisive subject among SF fans. There are some who see it as a flawed cult classic, while there are others — often die-hard fans of Frank Herbert’s original novel — who would rather all memory of it be flensed from the universe. Regardless of your opinion of the movie, there’s no question that it was often visually spectacular, with iconic elements such as the enormous sandworms or the grotesque Baron Harkonnen. You can check out some amazing behind-the-scenes pictures from the Dune shoot over on the blog of director/artist Gavin J. Rothery. He worked on the visual effects for Moon, and his blog is a treasure trove of stuff like this:

Rothery doesn’t mention where he came across the photos, or whether they’re from a personal collection, but it’s absolutely worth clicking over to his page to see the full set of pics. And if your hunger for Dune memorabilia still isn’t satisfied, check out this YouTube clip uploaded by none other than Dune/Blade Runner actress Sean Young. She recorded in on 8mm during the filming of Lynch’s Dune, in which she played the character of Chani. Young narrates the footage herself, providing context, and it’s a fascinating glimpse behind the curtain. We’ve also included a few more photos below the vid.

Thanks to Bo Nash for tipping us off about the Sean Young video!