Duncan Jones Does Live Twitter Commentary For Moon

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

moonOne of the biggest advantages of the digital revolution has been the director’s commentary track. The special feature recording found on most Blu-ray/DVD gives insight and meaning to audiences from directors on their movies. And with the advent of the Internet, these two concepts come together for millions of viewers in real time.

Recently, BBC Two aired Duncan Jones’ sci-fi film Moon for millions of British viewers. So the director did something most people do on a daily basis: he took to Twitter to live-tweet the TV event. Only he didn’t give snarky and snide remarks about the movie, he gave valuable insight on the film’s production as if it were a director’s commentary track. Jones also replied back to fans of the movie while he was live-tweeting during the film.

Here are some of the gems from Duncan Jones’ Twitter feed. He used the hashtag #MoonBBC2 so his Twitter followers could easily follow along with his tweets.






In 2009, Duncan Jones’ Moon was a huge revelation to sci-fi genre fans. It was an inventive film that showed what you could do with a small budget, an in-depth narrative, and performances from Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey.

It’s interesting that Spacey only did the film after watching Rockwell’s performance. Sam Rockwell was one of the biggest takeaways in Moon so it would be strange to think if actor Paddy Considine replaced him. Considine is a fine actor but Rockwell’s weighty performance as a lonely moon miner is for the ages.

Check out Duncan Jones’ Twitter feed (@ManMadeMoon) for the full Moon live commentary.

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