Drew Struzan: A Tribute To Science Fiction’s Poster Master

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

And speaking of great art for not-so-great movies, Struzan also provided art for George Lucas’ Star Wars prequel trilogy. The Revenge of the Sith poster definitely makes it look like a better movie than it was. As for The Phantom Menace, if we could just Photoshop out Jake Lloyd and Jar-Jar, we might be onto something.



Here’s where things get more interesting. Struzan collaborated with artist Charlie White for the above poster, which Struzan says was one of Lucas’ favorites. It was actually lost for some 30 years, but once it was found again it was given to George Lucas as a gift.


Then there’s this relic from a bygone age: a Struzan for the third Star Wars film, back when it was still called Revenge of the Jedi. Lucas infamously switched the title for the film from Return to Revenge, then back to Return again. But not before Struzan had created a poster for the Revenge incarnation.


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