Drew Struzan: A Tribute To Science Fiction’s Poster Master

By David Wharton | 7 years ago


Even if you don’t recognize the name Drew Struzan, I guarantee you’ve seen tons of his work over the years. Perhaps best known for his gorgeous Star Wars art, Struzan has created over 150 posters, providing iconic imagery for the Back to the Future films, the Indiana Jones series, and even AMC’s The Walking Dead. Struzan just turned 67 this week, so we here at GFR decided it was high time to pay the master some tribute. Allow us to be your guide through Struzan’s best science fiction posters from both movies and TV. First up — where else? — let’s start with Star Wars.

The three posters above are some of Struzan’s most well known. He created the posters — which combine to form one very snazzy image — for the release of Star Wars’ Special Editions. I remember having these on the copy of the VHS Special Editions I bought back in the day. And sure, those Special Editions were chock full of unnecessary or outright horrible changes, at least their cover art was awesome.

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