Drew Struzan Will Not Create A Star Wars: Episode VII Poster After All

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago


The big Star Wars news of the day is obviously that J.J. Abrams has been named to helm the highly anticipated Episode VII. We all know that choice is already being dissected, examined from every conceivable angle, and discussed in heated fashion, and will be until the film actually open in a couple years (and probably well after that). One thing the film won’t have, however, is a poster from Drew Struzan, who is responsible for the one sheets for the first six episodes.

It was widely reported that Disney—who recently purchased Lucasfilm in a multi-billion-dollar deal—approached the artist about contributing to the new trilogy. Though he sounds mostly retired, he didn’t immediately squash the idea of one more go-round in a galaxy far, far away.

So, it looks like a little too much was read into Struzan’s comments, and he took to his Facebook page to clarify things. The heading is “Misunderstood,” so you can imagine where this is going.

A couple of friends at Disney were fantasizing about the new STAR WARS movies.

“Disney” has said nothing to me and I expect nothing. That a couple of friends were wishing is only an expression of the hope that many are sharing but says nothing regarding the Studio itself. Even if ‘they’ did ask, which Disney has not, I’d rather leave the new films to the next generation to interpret. I’ve had my time and they were exceptional blessings for which I will forever be grateful.

Tomorrow is a new day…drew

That’s too bad. Episode VII won’t feel as much like a real Star Wars movie without one of Struzan’s paintings front and center on the official theatrical poster. When you think of the franchise, his dreamy collages of characters, iconic vehicles, and action spring immediately to mind. The desire to retire and spend time with your family is easy to understand, from a rational standpoint—as is wanting to let someone new take a whack at it—but from the irrational fanatic side, this is sad news.

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