Dress Your Dogs Like Members Of Starfleet

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Cosplay is big among human nerds. Dressing like your favorite sci-fi villain, comic book hero, or video game character for conventions or premieres is standard operating procedure at this point. Cosplay for pets is nothing new. I worked at a natural pet food store for years, and there was a couple in our neighborhood with two Chihuahuas they routinely dressed up as Jedi Knights, and I’ve been known to dress my dogs up for Halloween and Seahawks games. But that wasn’t enough for Seattle-area company A Crowded Coop, oh no, they took things to a whole new level with their line of Star Trek inspired toys, clothes, and accessories.

Brandy Tanner and Mike Capp stopped by New Day, a local morning show, to flaunt some of their new wares. They really went all out for this. There’s big dog beg shaped like Kirk’s captain chair from the Enterprise, as well as a chew toy that resembles the Federation flag ship. There’s also a redshirt chew toy, so even your dog, as their ripping the guts out of the hapless crewmember, will know that those poor, poor bastards are doomed.

Why would you even buy a redshirt uniform for your dog? Do you want it to get hit by a car or die a horrible death at the hands of some hideous space monster? The others make sense, but even the dog dressed in the red shirt seems to know that it’s in trouble. You should be nervous, little guy, your kind doesn’t last long.

For many of us, our dogs are really the ones in charge of our households, so it’s logical to dress them up like the captain. There are other character specific outfits as well. Do you have a little Uhura? Now you can dress her like it. Is one of your dogs supremely rational? The polar fleece Spock outfit, complete with a hood and pointy ears, may be a good option for you, then.

The fun doesn’t end with shirts and toys, A Matching Coop also has a bunch of other accessories you can use to fly your nerd flag. Each uniform also has matching collar and lead, each one with proper markings to signify rank. They worked with CBS and Star Trek aficionados to get the details right. My favorite bit, however, is the poop bag dispenser shaped like a communicator. As they say, when your dog boldly goes, you can boldly pick it up.

These clothes are mostly geared towards smaller dogs, so if you have a normal sized pooch, you may be out of luck. The toys, leashes, and bed, however, are viable options. You can the buy the A Crowded Coop products at Amazon.