New Dredd TV Spot Is Legendary

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Pete Travis’ sci-fi action flick Dredd is preparing to kick down theaters doors. The marketing campaign is ramping up, building steam into the September 21st release date. A quick new TV spot gives you a brief look at the grim street life in the futuristic metropolis Mega City One.

Clocking in at a mere thirty seconds, this clip does a nice job setting the scene for the latest adaptation of 2000AD’s dark, brutal, “legendary” Judge Dredd comic. In the midst of this gargantuan urban sprawl—Mega City One runs down the eastern seaboard from Boston to Washington DC and is home to 800 million people—you see the grittiness, the constant specter of violence, and the level of civil unrest that exists.

The only force that stands up to this bleak, crime-riddled place, are the Judges, a police force from the Hall of Justice. Dredd (Karl Urban) is an especially intense member of this fraternity that serves as the entire justice system rolled into one. While breaking in a new partner, Cassandra Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), the pair is drawn into a high-rise slum controlled by the vicious drug lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey), and then things get bad.

This plays like a compressed version of the theatrical trailer (the one that’s playing with The Expendables 2), and you get a healthy dose of firepower and ass kicking, especially considering this airs on the television.

Out of everything else, the best part of this is that you get to hear Urban utter Dredd’s signature line, “I am the law,” before he blows the hell out of some evil doers.

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