Dredd Screenwriter Has Plans For The Judge’s Sequel

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

How soon is too soon to start talking about making the sequel? The sci-fi remake/reboot of the Judge Dredd comic book series, Dredd has not even opened in theaters or screened for critics but its screenwriter Alex Garland (Sunshine, Never Let Me Go) has the next film already mapped out.

At the Dredd panel at the London Film and Comic-Con festival, Garland encouraged the crowd to see the movie when it comes out so there can be a sequel. He continued to say the film has to gross at least $50 million in the US to become financially viable to make a sequel. So if you want to see future installments of Dredd, go to your local theater on September 21 and watch the movie. But what if the movie isn’t very good?

He later teased the crowd of Judge Dredd fans what the sequel movie will have in store for our police officer protagonist,

“In terms of Dark Judges, I wrote [Judge] Death into this script, but it didn’t feel right for the first film,” he said. “I needed to have set up the city and Dredd first before taking on what is essentially a riff on the Judges. You need to know what the Judges are before you can subvert them.” Garland continued, “If they want to make sequels, I’ve got a story that goes from this one into the origins of Dredd and the city. Then the third one has would have a strange, existential attack from the Dark Judges.”

Judge Death is the leader of the Dark Judges, a group of evil, undead Judges, who enforce the law of the alternate dimension of Deadworld, where all life has been declared a crime. So hopefully Dredd is a good movie and audiences would want to watch a sequel.

Dredd features Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby and Lena Headey and was also directed by Pete Travis (Vantage Point).

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