Two New Dredd Banners Take A Different Approach

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Judgment is coming. Or at least Pete Travis’ 3D science fiction adventure Dredd is on its way to pummel fans of futuristic action. The adaptation of Carlos Ezquerra and John Wagner’s ultraviolent comic book, Judge Dredd, promises to be a more faithful take on the source material than previous attempts. What we’ve seen so far has been grim, brutal, and heavy on the adrenaline.

There’s been no shortage of promotional material for Dredd. Most of the marketing has focused on, you know, Judge Dredd (Karl Urban). Makes sense, he is the title character, after all. Two new banners, however, take a bit of a different approach.

The stencil, street graffiti style of this first one from superherohype has a cool, simple aesthetic. A single splash of red against the black background, presents a stark, ominous image.

In the second, Oliva Thirlby’s Judge Cassandra Anderson takes center stage.

In the futuristic, post-atomic city of Mega City One, the streets are infested with crime and vice. The only thing standing between order and chaos is a force of Judges who serve as the entire legal system compressed into a single person. Dredd is a notoriously brutal member of this fraternity. While breaking in a new partner, the strongly psychic Anderson, the two go into a section of town rarely patrolled by the Judges. A heinous crime draws them into a 200-story high-rise slum controlled by the ruthless drug dealer Ma-Ma (Lena Heady). There promises to be enough gunplay and an epic body count to satisfy even the most rabid action fans.

The R-rated Dredd opens wide on September 21st in 3D.

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