DreamWorks’ Found-Footage Time Travel Flick Glimmer Finds A Director

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

With Chronicle having become a surprise success for Twentieth Century Fox, many in Hollywood are trying to figure out new genres to put a found-footage spin on, outside of the format’s overexposed home in the horror field. One of the films arising from the found-footage boom is Glimmer, a low-budget movie about some high school friends who find a portal into the past and then presumably do what you would expect teenagers to do in that situation: irreparably distort the timeline by humping on top of butterflies or burning down a Mesozoic rain forest courtesy of a discarded smouldering joint. But seriously, this thing is happening and now it has somebody at the wheel: DreamWorks has hired commercial director Ringan Ledwidge to helm this new spin on an oft-told tale.

Variety reports that Glimmer is set to begin filming early in 2013, and the flick looks to be Ledwidge’s first major feature film (his IMDb page lists only one other produced credit, a 2007 film called Gone. He does have a thing for movies starting with G, doesn’t he?). He has, however, made a name for himself in the world of commercials, so that presumably means he’s got a solid visual style and understands how to convey ideas quickly and efficiently, both useful talents when it comes to filmmaking.

As for Glimmer itself, it was penned by a chap named Carter Blanchard, who has several scripts in development at the moment, and who once wrote for the Sci-Fi Channel’s Good vs. Evil (remember that show?). His resume doesn’t tell us much about his writing chops, but Carson Reeves over at ScriptShadow has a less-than-glowing review of the script that you can read right here.

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