Don Cheadle Returns As Captain Planet And No One Is Safe From His Tyranny

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Nostalgia for the ’90s seems to be a trend in pop culture today. This new generation longs for a simpler time when after-school cartoons were the norm. Well, Funny or Die is back at it with a follow-up to their much-watched Captain Planet spoof, “Don Cheadle Is Captain Planet,” and this time around the Great Planet Crusader has been corrupted by absolute power.

Don Cheadle returns as Captain Planet and we get to see what happens when good intentions go wrong. In “Captain Planet 2,” the Eco Avenger has gone too far by turning the beloved Planeteers into trees. Even the lovable Ma-Ti, comically played by Efren Ramirez, isn’t safe from the all-consuming power of Captain Planet. As the parody ends, viewers are teased with a “to be continued” and a promise that there will be more Don Cheadle as Captain Planet in the future.

Strangely, Funny or Die aren’t the only ones playing off the nostalgia for Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Director Jay Daiz created his own fan-made Captain Planet trailer for Altermotion Media Entertainment, but his take on Captain Planet is darker and grittier than the original source material.

With all this attention on Captain Planet, it was long rumored that a live-action Captain Planet movie was in the works. Then, in the summer of 2011, the Turner Broadcasting Company announced that it had joined forces with producers Don Murphy and Susan Montford to bring Captain Planet to the silver screen. Producer Don Murphy worked on big summer blockbusters such as the Transformers film series with director Michael Bay. At this time, there are no further developments with the live-action Captain Planet movie.

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