Don Cheadle Is Back As Captain Planet!

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Captain Planet is back! The final two installments in Don Cheadle’s run as the Eco Avenger sees the world getting back to normal after Captain Planet turned all the people into trees. Do we finally get a happy ending at the end of the four-episode series?

Part three features Captain Planet changing the hearts and minds of the EPA as he turns its members into trees. At this point, Captain Planet is drunk with power and even the last living Planeteer Ma-Ti, (Efren Ramirez), isn’t safe from Planet’s tyranny. Watch Part Three below…

Part Four of “Don Cheadle Is Captain Planet” sees Captain Planet as the cheesy action hero Croc Peterson. After four installments, we finally get to see what exactly is Captain Planet’s one weakness. We also get to see Captain Planet’s love interest, Gaia, the Spirit of the Earth. Once Captain Planet is defeated, the world goes back to normal, but is the world a better place without Captain Planet? Here’s Part Four.

This series from has launched Don Cheadle and Captain Planet into the Internet pop culture ether. As much as these series of short videos are funny, it’s also a keen look at environmental concerns and the corruption of absolute power. The series ends in a horrific and bloody way as the people are turned back from being trees. But once humans are back on Earth, the same cycle of population and wasting continues. It’s an almost melancholy way to end a hilarious series of web videos. You can watch the “making of” feature below.

Funny or Die also created a making of “Don Cheadle Is Captain Planet” featurette that reveals how much the actors involved knew about Captain Planet and the Planeteers. It turns out that no one really had a good idea who Captain Planet was to begin with. Hopefully Funny or Die will make more Captain Planet videos, but maybe Will Farrell should take up the mantel the next time around, if Don Cheadle isn’t available.

If you missed them, here are the first two installments.

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