Under The Dome Super Bowl Ad Introduces Interactive Website

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

If you were watching the Super Bowl last night, you got to spend a shitload of time watching previews for just about every single show in the CBS lineup. I pretty much hate everything on CBS, but this isn’t the time for that argument. The next time I try and badmouth them, I’ll put a dome on it.

A dome like the one in Stephen King’s bestselling novel, Under the Dome, currently being adapted for CBS by Amblin Entertainment. The show is still early in its casting stages, so there were no full trailers for it or anything, but CBS still dropped a 16-second promo directing viewers to the website UnderTheDome.com, which delivers dread-laced music and creepy surveillance. Check out the trailer, no more than a glorified logline, below.

The website can be accessed on both a computer and smartphone, and I certainly recommend taking the half-minute it takes to experience it. You’re prompted to put in your address, and a quick Google Earth search later, your location pops up, only instead of not being under a dome, your location is under a dome! Hey, it’s not the most inventive advert in the world, but it has to be the most relevant way they could start the promotional campaign. Hopefully, the next one doesn’t have anything to do with a woodchuck.

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