Under The Dome’s Cast Keeps Growing

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


If the televised adaptation of Under the Dome is anything like the book, we’re going to be wafting through casting news for it until our entire country falls to the wacko politics that Big Jim Rennie institutes in Chester’s Mill, ME. Also, people will be pissed off at a substandard visual ending instead of just the written one. And I’m one of the people one who didn’t mind it as much.

Under the Dome now has two new cast memebers, as well as one we didn’t mention late last week. Maybe we could just round these things up once a week to save time, or maybe just copy the White Pages down and just say who isn’t in it.

Jolene Purdy is set to take on the role of Dodee, a radio station employee whose intelligence and skill allows her to make contact with those outside the dome. Purdy has recently been known for her work in Glee and Gigantic, but you guys might know her like I do, as the bullied Cherita “Chut up” Chen from Donnie Darko. How I wish Frank the Bunny was playing Col. Barbie. I don’t even remember Dodee anyway, so she may be an amalgam of several characters. Or maybe my memory isn’t wonderful.

Nicholas Strong of Nashville fame will be playing Phil, the charismatic radio station DJ with a dark secret. What a stupid description really. If he’s anything like Phil in the book, he’s a big ol’ methhead, and that’s no secret. But they use the word “charismatic” and the show is on CBS, not AMC, so there’s little question about that detail.

And a few days ago, Britt Robertson was added on to play Angie, a pretty young waitress who always dreamed of getting out of Chester’s Mill. Her name should have just been Irony. Robertson has most recently starred in the CW’s The Secret Circle, though she has a lengthy resume for a 22-year-old. I don’t really remember Angie either, but it’s been a while, guys. And it’ll be longer until the show starts.

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