Under The Dome Teaser Says Goodbye

By Brent McKnight | Published

We have to wait until June 24th to finally lay eyes on CBS’s 13-part miniseries Under the Dome, based on horror icon Stephen King’s 2009 novel, but the network is ramping up its promotional kick. We’ve already had a quick behind-the-scenes look at the series with King himself, and new here’s a short teaser.

This video doesn’t provide much information about Under the Dome, aside from the fact that there’s a town, and a dome, and that dome is set on top of that town. In reality, that’s the basic plot of the story. After a New England town—is there any other kind in a Stephen King story?—is trapped under a mysterious, impenetrable bubble, things take a turn for the worse as the citizens attempt to figure a way out of their predicament. This glimpse does, however, does include some new footage, and indicates that there will be action, murder, and all manner of chaos.

To go with the potential of the onscreen action, the production side of Under the Dome has a strong pedigree as well. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo helmer Niels Arden Oplev directs, and Brian K. Vaughn (Lost, Y: The Last Man) handled the adaptation duties.

Because this is based on a Stephen King novel, and the page count tops 1,000, you can bet there are like a million characters. The cast includes Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), Rachelle Lefevre (Twilight), Mike Vogel (Bates Motel), Colin Ford (Supernatural), and so, so many more.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Under the Dome, or are you expecting it to play out like a rehash of The Simpsons movie?