Under The Dome Adds The Following’s Natalie Zea

By Nick Venable | Published

the-following-natalie-zea-1-630x350Barring some kind of natural disaster that involves an American city actually being covered by a dome, the pilot episode for CBS’ adaptation of Stephen King’s Under the Dome will air in just two weeks, and I can’t wait. Almost everything and everyone working on the project piques my interest, and it will be the first CBS show that’s truly intrigued me in a really long time. Really long.

A late casting choice continues the positive trend, as Natalie Zea, one of TV’s hottest actresses of the last few years will appear somewhere under said dome later in the season, surprising everyone. I meant “hottest” both in terms of beauty and in the way Zea is a triple threat, starring as Carrie in Showtime’s Californication, as Winona in FX’s Justified, and as Claire in Fox’s The Following. Since all three of those shows are in between seasons right now, Zea will get to show her face on a fourth consecutive network, and it sounds like this will be her most interesting role yet, albeit her least prominent. Under the Dome executive producer Neal Baer explains below:

Once you’re stuck under the dome, casting is fairly limited because people can’t get in, but that doesn’t mean there might not be somebody hiding out. We’ve cast the beautiful Natalie Zea as a woman who makes an alarming appearance in a few episodes beginning in Episode 9. She plays Maxine, and if you think [the show’s big baddie] Jim Rennie (Dean Norris) is trouble, you haven’t seen trouble yet. And she’ll be connected to a number of our characters.

This is a show that already has a huge cast, even outside the major players. If the plans for multiple seasons goes through, it could allow for a two-pronged fork of evil beneath the dome, but I’m hoping Maxine is explosive and burns out quickly.