Dolph Lundgren Will Smack Down Cryptids In Legendary 3D

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

dolph lundgren legendaryJust yesterday, we were talking about zombies fighting professional wrestlers, and today we’ve got another completely out there battle between man and beast: Dolph Lundgren vs. a cryptid. The former He-Man will butting heads with this mythical creature in GFM Films’ Legendary, for which distribution company Wrekin Hill just snatched up the North American rights. So it won’t be long before we can all joyously get together and play a drinking game where you take a shot whenever someone names a Dolph Lundgren movie they’d rather be watching than Legendary. Just kidding. This might actually be pretty good, in that “at least it isn’t a Syfy Original” kind of way. But still…Showdown in Little Tokyo! Drink!

Legendary is directed by Eric Styles, whose resume consists of the Heather Graham romantic comedy Miss Conception, and written by Andy Briggs, last responsible for the Syfy remake The Philadelphia Experiment. (I knew Syfy would show up at some point.) These guys are not the film’s biggest selling points, obviously, but let’s all give Styles a big round of applause, because this creature feature is in 3D! And judging from the trailer below, it looks like there might actually be a few good gimmicks used beyond just “stick being hurtled at camera.” For instance, “smoke being hurtled at camera.”

But really, the draw here is Lundgren and his ass-kicking co-star Scott Adkins, with whom he worked with in The Expendables 2 and Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning. And then there’s the giant, CGI dragon-looking dinosaur creature, which appears like it took an acting class with the shark from Deep Blue Sea, as it just up and eats people out of the blue.

Unfortunately, Lundgren and Adkins won’t be working together to take this beast down. Adkins plays Travis Preston, a cryptozoologist who takes his team into China, where this flick was filmed, in search for a mythical…lizardy thing. But they need to find it and take it down before the “legendary” bounty hunter Harker (Lundgren) gets his giant mitts around its throat. It seems kind of strange that not just one person/team discovers this hard-to-find creature, but two of them do. Now I’ll give you guys a chance to check out this admittedly sluggish trailer in all its glory.

Sure, it doesn’t exactly look like the proper blueprint for The Host 2 or anything, but at least it isn’t yet another Bigfoot movie. I hope there’s an over-the-top aspect to this film that cuts through the dryness. Wrekin Hill plans on releasing the film both in theaters and on VOD at the same time at some point in early 2014, so we’ll figure it out then. Rocky IV! Drink!

legendary poster