The Doctor(s) Get A Sex Change In This Cute Doctor Who Fan Art

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Every time the current Doctor Who lead starts making sounds like they might be ready to move on, it begins all over again: the fan debate over who should take up the TARDIS keys next. Over the years, many have suggested that the Doctor should regenerate as a woman, just to shake up the show’s SOP. In the spirit of that challenge, a Tumblrer (is that the right noun?) named Gladys has sketched her versions of the Doctors transformed from Time Lords to Time Ladies.

Aside from RocketsSurgery’s Gladys being wicked talented in the first place, she’s done a great job giving each Time Lady her own personality while also modifying the iconic look associated with each Doctor. I’m not the only one impressed by the art either; Who showrunner Steven Moffat himself even tweeted about the Time Ladies.

Am I the only one who really wants to see this turned into an animated series? Just make it an alternate universe and run with it…

Nice work, Gladys. We tip our giant, robotic hat in your general direction.

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