Together At Last, The Doctors Seuss And Who Collide

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

What’s better than one quirky, quick-witted doctor? How about two? That’s the general idea behind these pictures that combine everyone’s favorite time-and-space traveler, the Doctor from Doctor Who, with the psychedelic children’s literature leanings of one Dr. Seuss. I’m not positive about the medical qualifications of either one, but most of us don’t turn to them in times of medical crisis. Maybe their doctorates are more of the honorary variety.

The two symbolic doctors share some similarities. Both are whimsical, magical beings, full of an infectious spark of life. Matt Smith, the current and eleventh doctor, has been described as being like Peter Pan, as well as “a glorified version of The Cat in the Hat.” Both are pretty apt, but there are a lot of different ways to go. Like this picture of Smith, balancing on an eyeball as the titular Cat, while the Rory and Amy Pond, as Thing One and Thing Two, look startled in the background…

…and The Cat in the Hat and A Tie an a Box. Couldn’t you picture the Cat bounding around between time periods in his very own TARDIS?

Riffing on Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, the last Seuss book published before the beloved author’s death, is an obvious choice. There’s two here, Oh, the Times and Places You’ll Go!, and Oh, the Space-Times You’ll Go!. (That’s my favorite.)

And it is the holiday season, after all, so this collection wouldn’t be complete without at least a little nod towards the Grinch, and his nefarious, Christmas thieving ways. Sure, this is more about the Whos down in Whoville, but what’s more appropriate, all things considered, than that?

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