This Doctor Who Workout Game May Be Healthier Than A Drinking Game, But Does That Make It Better?

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

We’ve all heard of drinking games that go along with particular movies or television programs. You can drink every time room 237 is mentioned in The Shining, when someone says the name of a color in Reservoir Dogs, or when Walter talks about ‘Nam in The Big Lebowski. Hell, the DVD for Japanese rock and roll zombie movie Wild Zero even has a built in drinking game where an icon in the corner of the screen tells you to drink whenever someone combs their hair, says rock and roll, when fire shoots out of anything, or a zombie’s head explodes.

Drinking games are commonplace in our culture. But what about taking this trend in a less self-destructive, more healthy direction? How about a workout game? An enterprising fan has worked out the specifics of such a game to go along with Doctor Who.

You might notice that there’s a great many core exercises to this workout, so if you watch enough of the Time Lord’s adventures, you could totally wind up with a wicked six-pack. You’d also wind up doing a lot of jumping jacks. Doesn’t the world need more of that, more buffed up, in shape nerds? That could certainly help some 98-pound weaklings from getting sand kicked in their faces.

Someone really needs to do this workout for few months (or over the course of a season) and take before and after pictures. Who knows, this could be the beginning of a new workout fad. It could even lead to a science fiction themed infomercial, along the lines of those P90X ads that are always on early in the morning or late at night.