Doctor Who/Star Wars Crossover Infographic

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

With the premiere of series seven of Doctor Who going down this past weekend, that particular topic has been at the forefront of many minds lately. As a result of this increasing public attention, some folks have used the gaps in-between seasons to catch up on some of the show’s 50 years of history. That’s a lot of back episodes. Some people have also noticed that there is rather a lot of crossover between Who and another legendary science fiction property, Star Wars.

Now, we don’t all have time to comb through five decades worth of Time Lord adventures, that’s just too much of a time commitment, but thank god that there are people who do. This infographic from Geeks of Doom shows actors who have appeared along the road in both Doctor Who and the Star Wars universe.

This list spans the whole history of each franchise. There are faces from early in the Doctor’s career, as well as from the more recent chapters. The same goes for George Lucas’ beloved family of films. You get characters from the original trilogy—A New Hope, The Empire Strkes Back, and Return of the Jedi—but there are a handful from episodes one through three, though primarily from The Phantom Menace.

While catalog is rather extensive, it isn’t 100 percent complete. If you check out the source article you can scroll down to the comments, where eagle-eyed readers have pointed out their own additions to the list. Do you have any that don’t appear here?