Doctor Who/Star Trek Crossover Rumored

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

The Doctor and his companions have been just about everywhere, from Pompeii and the caves of cro-magnon to the end of the universe (a couple of times). The Doctor, Rory, and Amy might soon be going where no Doctor has gone before, though: the Star Trek universe. Rumor has it that IDW will publish a Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover series this year.

There hasn’t been an official announcement from IDW yet, but Bleeding Cool has gotten word that the crossover series (the first of its kind for Doctor Who) will be released in May. Bleeding Cool also got its hands on a copy of what is purportedly one of the covers in the series, which shows Eleven, Amy, and Rory on the bridge of the Enterprise:

It’s a little disturbing how perfectly Matt Smith’s face translates to comics. Unfortunately, the same thing can’t be said for Karen Gillan as Amy.

The lack of an official announcement means we don’t have any information on what the series will actually be about – its villains, plot, or how exactly these two worlds come together. If the above image is indeed artwork from the series, though, we can safely assume that the TARDIS finds its way to Star Trek‘s universe and no the other way around. And if a Time Lord is going to interact with a Star Trek crew, The Next Generation’s does make the most sense. After all, Picard, Worf, Riker, et al do have a bit of experience with eccentric outsiders who can manipulate space and time.

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