Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill Covers Frozen’s Let It Go…Sort Of (Plus A Fan Proposal!)

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

As the father of a pair of three-year-old twin boys, I saw and loved The Lego Movie. I sat through and tolerated Turbo and Planes. I nodded off while The Croods played in the background on Netflix. But since the young lads have pretty much zero interest in Disney princesses at this point, I still haven’t seen Frozen. So all the hullabaloo about the song “Let It Go” has, for the most part, sailed right over my head. But thankfully I don’t have to know diddly about Frozen to dig the above Doctor Who-ified parody from actor and former TARDIS resident Arthur Darvill. Slap on some headphones and give “The Ballad of Arthur Darvill” a listen.

Darvill showed off his musical side on BBC Radio 1’s Matt Edmondson Show, unleashing a musical plea that echoes the longings of many a type-cast performer in the past. Sure, he was great as Rory, but he’s got so much more to give. He’s in a West End play, people! And there are probably only one or two Daleks in it! (It’s my understanding that all British productions are mandated to include at least one Dalek. I think it’s a union thing.)

Okay, so the rewritten lyrics don’t always fit quite right. And yes, they did indeed try to rhyme “fable” with “angel,” but Darvill gets full kudos for totally committing to the performance. By the time he sings “All that it needs is a Google search / to see that I’m in Broadchurch” he is all in and I’m giving him a slow clap. But seriously, Arthur, this is going to haunt you. Likelihood of being asked to sing this at every single future convention appearance is approaching 100%. Keep those vocal chords maintained, dude.

And while we’re at it, Arthur, if you make yourself available to sing at weddings, this pair should get first dibs:

Yep, that’s an adorable pair of Whovians scratching one item off their bucket list via a marriage proposal right smack in between Karen Gillan and Matt Smith at Wizard World. The video doesn’t have any names or details about the lucky couple, but that’s okay because I’m too busy loving Matt and Karen’s surprised and genuine reactions to the whole thing. Just look at Karen’s face!


And while Karen can’t seem to close her mouth, Matt is riding the “Hooray!” end of the spectrum.


Awesome. Well played, unidentified Whovian couple. Seriously, if you’re out there, let me know and I’ll add your names into the story. Until then I’m just calling you Ian and Barbara. Congrats, you crazy kids!

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