Doctor Who Goes West By Going East In These Set Pics From Spain

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

We’ve still got many months before we can dive into the new season of Doctor Who, but some details are bound to leak out, and leak they have. We told you last week that one of the new episodes would see the Doctor and his companions visiting the Old West. It’s a natural enough stopover, given the Doctor’s fondness last season for cowboy hats. Like many productions before them, however, the show is using a stand-in rather than shooting in the actual American southwest; in this case, they’re using locations in Spain to pass for the land of tumbleweeds and high-noon standoffs. As a native Texan, I should probably object to that, but hey, if Italy was good enough for Sergio Leone, I guess we can give Spain a pass.

Doctor Who TV has posted a metric buttload of pics from the set, including some that could be considered spoilerish. We’ve slapped a harmless one up top in the header, so you can at least see a charming shot of Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill loitering in between takes. That puffy coat is not doing the Doctor any favors at preserving his mystique.

We’ve got the full, semi-spoilerish gallery after the jump, as well as a bit of speculation.

Now then, the big potential spoilers here are the images that show some sort of cyborg cowboy. We know that this Old West episode is the one that Farscape‘s Ben Browder is set to appear in, so could this menacing robo-cowboy be Browder in makeup? Unfortunately, the shots aren’t clear enough to say with any certainty, but it definitely looks like it could be him. While this is pure guesswork on my part, the robo-cowboy has a certain villainish quality about him, so I’m guessing this will likely be the Doctor’s nemesis of the week. If so, and if it is Browder, it will be interesting to see him playing the bad guy for once.

Regardless of whether our guesses are anywhere near the mark, it’ll be great to see Browder spending a little time on another great genre show. He was one of the best parts of the across-the-board-awesome Farscape, and it’s criminal that he isn’t a huge star these days. Maybe this will put him back on the radar.